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May 29th, 2018

NDP: Auditor General Delivers Damning Indictment of the Liberal Government

In his 2018 Spring Reports, the Auditor General called the Phoenix fiasco “an incomprehensible failure,” among many other serious errors on the part of the Liberal government.

“The Auditor General is unequivocal in his language: Phoenix is an utter failure, and there must be accountability for this disaster,” said Karine Trudel, NDP Labour Critic. “The reports show there was no clear approval from anyone in government on whether the system should be launched, and now hundreds of thousands of workers are paying the price.”

On the conditions of First Nations on reserve, the AG reports show the government did not account for health, environment, language, and culture when measuring the socio-economic gap between First Nations on reserve and other Canadians. Over the past three decades, the government has also not measured the extent to which employment-training programs increase the participation of Indigenous peoples in the workforce.

“Over half of those registered under the Indian Act live on reserve, but the AG has found the government ignored data on health, environment, language and culture in measuring the gap in well-being,” said David Christopherson, NDP Member for Hamilton Centre. “Moreover, Canadians have languished in jails abroad, where they were tortured and mistreated, and it’s clear the government did not take these cases seriously.”

Among other serious issues, the AG additionally found unacceptably long delays and poor training in providing consular services to Canadians abroad, including to those who have been tortured or mistreated in prison, and similarly unreasonable delays in the administration of our military justice system.

New Democrats call on the Liberal government to take immediate action to respond to the numerous serious findings in the 2018 AG Spring Reports.