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August 14th, 2015

Mulcair to enshrine budget transparency in law

Former NDP Finance Minister to run against Joe Oliver in Eglinton–Lawrence

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s Campaign for Change was back in Toronto today to introduce his plan to undo Conservative secrecy and establish a truly independent Budget watchdog.

“Stephen Harper came to power promising independent, accurate and timely financial information for parliamentarians, but has failed on all counts,” said Mulcair. “Our plan will enshrine budget transparency into law.”

Mulcair’s plan protects the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) from political interference and makes the position a fully independent Officer of Parliament. It will also require Government departments and agencies to make financial information available to the PBO.

The NDP Leader also announced that Toronto resident and former Saskatchewan Finance Minister, Andrew Thomson, will run for the Party against Conservative Finance Minister, Joe Oliver.

“Andrew has the experience and strong fiscal record that Canada needs to get the economy on track and create greater opportunity for the middle class. I am very pleased to welcome him to our team," said Mulcair.

Thomson served as Finance Minister in the Saskatchewan government throughout 2006 and 2007. Under Thomson’s leadership, the province posted a balanced budget, a significant budget surplus and strong economic growth. He served as a provincial MLA from 1995 to 2007 and was appointed to a number of high profile cabinet positions during his tenure. Since 2007, Thomson has been working in the private sector.

“Stephen Harper’s plan is based on the wrong priorities and is the wrong plan for Canada’s economic recovery,” said Thomson. “As Prime Minister, he has a terrible record of job creation and has run eight straight deficits with $150 billion added to Canada’s debt.”

With a record like this, no wonder more and more Canadians are putting their trust in Tom Mulcair’s NDP to bring change to Ottawa. Andrew Thomson was acclaimed as the NDP nominee in Eglinton-Lawrence.