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October 14th, 2014

Mulcair draws on his experience to launch affordable childcare plan

Today NDP Leader Tom Mulcair toured a childcare centre and announced his plan to create or maintain one million affordable childcare spaces across Canada. The goal is to ensure parents don’t pay more than $15 a day for a childcare space.

The plan could allow Quebec to maintain and improve its own childcare program.

“Moms and dads across Canada work hard and sacrifice every day to ensure their kids get the start they need,” said Mulcair. “But in the last nine years under Stephen Harper, parents have seen their childcare costs go through the roof. It’s time parents got a break.”

With his experience as a Quebec cabinet minister, Mulcair explained that the NDP's plan would build on the successful childcare model from Quebec. Research from Economist Pierre Fortin shows that affordable childcare in Quebec helped 70,000 mothers join the workforce and boosted the economy by $1.75 for every dollar invested by the government.

“As a father and grandfather, I understand the importance of childcare services,” added Mulcair. As a former Quebec cabinet minister, I’ve seen firsthand how affordable childcare helps families and boosts the economy. It’s time parents across Canada were able to benefit from this type of program.”

There are currently 900,000 children in need of care with no access to quality affordable childcare spaces. In many parts of the country, parents face monthly childcare bills in the thousands of dollars. Mulcair’s plan for affordable childcare envisages working with the provinces to create more spaces and reduce parents’ costs to no more than $15 a day.