May 13th, 2018

Last year, hundreds of New Democrats shared their favourite stories about their Moms:

We were inspired by these NDP Moms, so we thought we'd share a few of our favourites:

"I learned how to be a political activist from my mother, who is now 95 years old."

"Even though she was an extremely busy woman (caring for a dozen children and completing the necessary household duties that entails usually had her exhausted by the end of the day), she still found time to attend NDP meetings, town halls, and fundraisers. She served on the local NDP executive until she was 85.

I remember accompanying her to the election headquarters when I was about seven years old and helping with envelope stuffing and licking stamps. As her children grew up she took more responsible roles in the party, both provincially and federally.

Being an NDP member was important to her. She had sick children and if it wasn’t for medicare, purchasing the necessary medications would have completely impoverished our family. I learned that we can do together what we can't do by ourselves. Because of my mother's example, being an NDP member is a way of life, not just a membership card in my wallet."

  • Kathleen, Newfoundland and Labrador

"An orphan, raised by an authoritarian aunt and a somewhat crass uncle, my mother was determined that life would be different for her children. When my maternal grandfather’s cancer brought my mother and father to her father-in-law’s farm, the city girl learned how to be a farmer’s wife with one, then two children, for over three years. Mom encouraged me in my creativity and demonstrated her own on a daily basis.

"She celebrated each and every one of my accomplishments, she and Dad making home a safe place to boast."

"Our yard was the neighbourhood playground much of the time, with a path worn around the house until we'd grown up. My classmates loved the thematic birthday parties she created, which one year included her sewing of pill-box hats for each guest. I learned leadership in that yard. She assumed I'd be honest and responsible. She demonstrated a love of the English language -- structure, correct grammar, vocabulary, and reading, that I've no doubt affected my own effectiveness in my chosen careers."

  • Patricia, Ontario

"My mother left Palestine more than 30 years ago for a better life here in Canada – a safer and more just country for the family she hoped to bring up."

"Her main priority: to raise caring, generous and happy children.

She passed on to her daughters and sons the values ​​of resilience, courage, respect for others, and persistence. It is because of her that I refuse to give up on social injustices, here and around the world. Thank you for everything mom!"

  • Nina, Montréal, Québec

"Growing up, my mom taught me that we are all one – that when one of us is suffering, we’re all suffering."

"She showed me on a daily basis, that if we lift up those around us, we all rise. Much of my belief in social justice comes from my mother, and it’s the main reason I am where I am today. Love you mom!"

Jagmeet, Ottawa

"My mother is a strong advocate and activist! She was a union Stewart and instilled a strong sense of fairness in both my sister and I."

"This led me to a career as a Psychiatric nurse and my sister is an interpreter for the deaf. I am very active with my union and both my sister and I are strong advocates for the vulnerable. It is because of my mother's strength that my daughter is also a strong advocate for the vulnerable. It also appears that my granddaughter is already taking up the cause at 4 years old standing up for other kids that are being picked on. My mother has quite the Legacy!"

  • Leslie, Saskatchewan

"My Mom shared her concern and interest in public affairs and politics with me and my sisters at an early age."

It is through her that I developed my deep allegiance to the NDP party and its commitment to social justice.

My Mom, in her early teens in southeast Saskatchewan, often made sandwiches for CCF meetings with Tommy Douglas that my grandfather attended. I am very proud of this strong connection to the NDP and it has shaped a lifelong political loyalty."

Eliza, British Columbia