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November 14th, 2023

Matthew Green's statement on comments made by a speaker at the ceasefire rally

NDP MP Matthew Green made the following statement:

“Regarding the allegations against the individual in question, prior to this event I had no knowledge of any alleged comments, social media posts or any other alleged remarks made by the individual or his organization. Ultimately, these are allegations that only the individual can answer to.

I was invited to speak in order to share the long held federal NDP position calling for a ceasefire and release of all hostages. Included in my remarks was a lengthy section denouncing antisemitism and the rise of islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hate.

Under no circumstances were comments pertaining to Holocaust denial shared from any platform that I stood on.

As someone with a long history of fighting antisemitism and white supremacy, I unreservedly condemn any instance of allusions to or insinuations of Holocaust denial and/or calls for incitement of hatred towards any group including the Jewish community.

I want to reiterate the closing remarks from my speech that in these dark times, it's vital that we treat each other with compassion and empathy, recognizing our shared humanity. ”