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September 22nd, 2016

Liberals vote down NDP sports betting bill

OTTAWA – Yesterday a majority of Liberal MPs voted to defeat NDP MP Brian Masse’s (Windsor West) Bill C-221 that would have allowed Canadians to place wagers on single sporting events, which is currently illegal in Canada.

“This is a win for organized crime but a loss for Canadian jobs, the economy and sports fans,” said Masse. “Canadians who want to bet on single sporting events like the Super Bowl will be forced to turn to the black market.”

There is a huge demand for single-event sport betting in Canada with upwards of $10 billion annually going to organized crime, states the Canadian Gaming Association. The CGA says another $4 billion a year is wagered through illegal online gaming sites.

“Liberals MPs joined with a handful of Conservatives, to shut down a proposal that was supported by business, labour, the provinces and law enforcement,” said Masse. “Even though it has already passed the House of Commons.”

A previous iteration of the same bill passed unopposed through the House of Commons in the last Parliament, but the bill lingered in the Senate until the 2015 election was called which effectively killed the legislation.