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August 14th, 2019

Liberals Need to Lead on Solving Root Causes of Violence: NDP

TORONTO - New Democrats are calling for real leadership and a real plan after Justin Trudeau refused to answer questions about how he would address the root causes of gun violence in Toronto. Instead of showing real leadership on serious issues Torontonians are facing, Trudeau was quick to blame Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Torontonians deserve a government that doesn't wait until a federal election campaign to talk about the issues they deal with every day - affordable housing, health care services, and safe cities.

"We know the root causes for violence in our communities - they include poverty, racial discrimination, huge gaps in mental health services, the lack of adequate and affordable housing and the lack of meaningful, good quality job opportunities for young people," NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wrote to Trudeau in 2018. "We must strike a new path, one that engages all communities in a united effort to tackle gun violence at its roots. We must replace simplistic solutions with comprehensive, well-informed strategies built out of partnership with those most affected."

In a press conference with the Prime Minister, Toronto Mayor John Tory drew attention to the lack of federal investment in kids, families, and neighbourhoods and explained how with the lack of federal resources, Toronto needs to do more to address violence over the long term.

"Mayor Tory is right to call attention to the lack of leadership from the federal government," said the NDP candidate for Davenport, Andrew Cash. "I have been listening to people in Davenport and, yes, they worry about gun violence but they also worry about affordable housing, the cost of prescription drugs, and good quality jobs. It's not good enough for the Prime Minister to show up right before an election with no meaningful solutions after four years of inaction. New Democrats will back up talk with action by investing in things like health care, affordable housing, and childcare. We can tackle the things that are keeping people up at night worrying - and make sure everyone can afford a good life."