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August 26th, 2020

Liberals must match their words with action to keep our kids safe

TORONTO – After weeks of calling on the federal government to help Canadian parents prepare to go back to work, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was in Toronto today demanding clear action from the Liberals to back up their promises on child care and to help provinces and territories with a safer return to school for our kids.

"Throughout the country, without knowing their kids will be safe, families are having difficult conversations about going back to work and whether or not they can send their kids to school and child care,” said Singh. "We may now be seeing an announcement today to go along with the nice words from Justin Trudeau, but it’s all coming very late, without details, and without any help for child care.”

Recent and devastating reports have shown the level of participation of women in the workforce is at its lowest in thirty years. With more uncertainty about child care and school, in most cases, it will again be women — even those who would have otherwise worked outside of the home — who will be staying out of the workforce to care for their kids.

“Instead of shutting down parliament and hiding from his responsibilities, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals should be working with us to deliver the help Canadians need,” said Singh. "As we build for better, Justin Trudeau needs to do more for our kids. Parents can't go back to work until they know their kids are safe."