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September 8th, 2022

Liberals fail to take action on big telecoms and leave Canadians behind

NDP Critic for Innovation, Science and Industry Brian Masse made the following statement:

“Despite paying some of the highest rates in the world for cellphone services, many Canadians and businesses were left without any access to cell service during a recent Rogers outage, including the ability to call 9-11 during life-threatening emergencies. Canadians deserve better.

Yesterday’s announcement from Minister Champagne isn't enough to assure Canadians and does nothing to lower cell service costs.

If the Liberals wanted to help Canadians, they would hold telecom company executives accountable and demand that they put Canadians' public safety first. Instead, the Liberals continue to protect the profits of giant telecom companies and refuse to end the monopoly that enables high prices and poor service. This government only emboldens telecom companies and their monopolistic practices by keeping the door open to the Rogers-Shaw merger.

New Democrats will fight to end the telecom monopolies' outrageous behaviour and ensure Canadians have more affordable services that they can count on. "