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June 6th, 2024

As Liberals fail to make big oil and gas pay their fair share, NDP forces big oil and gas CEOs to committee to answer to Canadians

OTTAWA – On Thursday, Canada’s biggest oil and gas CEOs will testify on their mega-profits and climate record after being summoned by NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic Laurel Collins at the parliamentary environment committee.

In a press conference ahead of committee, Collins and NDP Natural Resources critic Charlie Angus called on the Liberals to make these CEOs pay their fair share with an excess profits tax as Canadians get gouged at the pumps.

“We’re witnessing the devastating consequences of the climate crisis, and at the same time, gas prices keep increasing,” said Collins. “Meanwhile, big oil and gas has never made more money – it doesn’t make sense. There needs to be a plan to tackle the climate crisis and reduce costs for Canadians. That’s why the NDP is calling on the Liberals to make CEOs pay their fair share. But for nine years, Justin Trudeau and Minister Guilbeault have refused to stand up to oil and gas lobbyists and CEOs. And the Conservatives didn’t even want them to appear at committee in the first place—we know they’re in the pockets of big oil and gas.”

New Democrats have forced the CEOs of Suncor, Imperial Oil, Cenovus Energy, Shell, and Enbridge to testify on why, after making a combined $63 billion in 2022 alone, the Liberals continued to give them tens of billions in fossil fuel subsidies. The Conservatives—when they were in government—gave out almost $60 billion in corporate handouts.

Instead of Liberal and Conservative handouts, the NDP wants these corporations to pay their fair share so we can then invest that money in help for Canadians struggling with the extremely high cost of living.

“Big oil and gas are the largest emitters and somehow are weaseling out of paying their fair share," said Angus. “It doesn’t sit right with Canadians, especially when they're making record profits. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are letting them off the hook, but people want action. New Democrats are fighting to hold these CEOs to account and make sure they pay their fair share so we can put money back into people’s pockets and take on the climate crisis.”