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May 30th, 2022

Liberals fail to deliver safer solutions on gun regulations

Today, NDP public safety critic Alistair MacGregor made the following statement:

“Canadians were horrified to hear of the recent mass shootings in the United States. Less than a month ago, people were gunned down in a grocery store and then little children and their teachers were murdered at school weeks before their summer break. This has been deeply upsetting and we understand the despair and fear both Americans and Canadians are feeling right now.

People want their government to act to prevent tragedies, not just respond to them. But, when horrible things happen, this Liberal government is quick to make big promises – then fail to deliver on solutions.

We want to believe that today’s announcement on gun violence is an urgent priority and not just another political stunt from this government, but there is a pattern of behaviour from the Liberals to only use gun violence as a means to score political points. This has become the standard with the Liberal government: they table legislation and then they don’t do anything to push it forward and nothing actually changes.

People want to know that they’re safe in their communities and that the government is doing everything possible to ensure we don’t experience similar incidents in Canada. If the Liberals are finally serious this time, New Democrats are here to get this done. New Democrats won’t just offer empty words. We are committed to addressing gun violence and making our communities safer.”