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March 17th, 2023

Liberals fail to act urgently to solve the housing crisis

In response to the federal government’s housing announcement, NDP housing critic Jenny Kwan issued the following statement:

“Canadians are working hard, playing by the rules, and doing everything right. That should mean something. You should be able to get ahead — including finding a home that fits your family, within your budget.

Justin Trudeau promised to fix the housing crisis, but it just keeps on getting worse. He fails to take this crisis seriously — leaving families to fend for themselves, and in some case, end up unhoused.

That’s why we forced the Liberals to invest more in building more homes faster, and to stop housing profiteering with programs like the rapid housing initiative and now, the housing accelerator fund.

We pushed the Liberals to prioritize affordable and non-market housing with the housing accelerator fund and we made sure that the funding couldn't be used for homes that are out of reach for Canadian families—that means homes families can afford, not to make CEOs richer.

It is disappointing to see that, amid a housing crisis, Trudeau took almost a year to design this program. A crisis requires urgent action—and the Liberals failed to act urgently. The Liberals show a clear pattern of acting quickly when their CEO friends ask for help, but working people always have to wait longer for the help they need.

We will keep fighting for more homes that fit your family's needs and your budget by pushing the Liberals to stop allowing corporate landlords to treat the housing market like a stock market. We will also continue to push the Liberals to put in place an acquisition fund to allow non-profit housing organizations to purchase units that would then be offered as rental homes Canadian families can afford. We are demanding the Liberal government to deliver a long-term, for Indigenous by Indigenous Urban, Rural and Northern Housing Strategy.

New Democrats are fighting for you and your family—not rich CEOs.”