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July 18th, 2022

Liberals' emissions plan prioritizes profit over people

NDP environment and climate change critic, Laurel Collins and NDP natural resources critic, Charlie Angus, made the following joint statement:

“People across Canada are already living with the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. We need urgent and bold action to fight the crisis – but instead, this government continues to protect the profits of oil and gas companies.

The oil and gas sector is Canada’s highest greenhouse emitter – yet Justin Trudeau and the Liberals give oil and gas companies already making record profits billions of dollars in subsidies every year. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The Liberals' discussion document for a carbon emission cap highlights two approaches that have little accountability and only suggest that oil and gas giants should try to clean up their mess. Any emission cap must show accountability mechanisms are in place and will guarantee that the worst emitters reduce their emissions. This so-called plan doesn’t do this. They haven’t even committed to a credible emissions target yet. The Liberals keep saying the right things about climate change but their actions don't match their words. Instead, they keep siding with rich oil and gas companies – protecting profits over people.

New Democrats are calling on the Liberals to prioritize Canadians, stop throwing public funds at oil and gas executives and keep their promises to reduce emissions. We know that for a just transition to a cleaner economy, funding should be directed towards creating good-paying jobs and protecting the environment – not more subsidies to an industry that won’t fix the problems they create. New Democrats will keep fighting for a climate plan that addresses the climate crisis while supporting workers.”