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March 19th, 2019

Liberals Don’t Want Canadians to Hear the Truth

OTTAWA – This morning, Liberal Members on the Justice Committee used their majority to block former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould from telling Canadians her whole story. Despite arguing last Friday that this matter would be dealt with at the committee meeting today, Canadians have now been told that they don’t deserve the truth.

“The Liberals are using a former Liberal minister from the sponsorship scandal days to try to change the conversation. They are trying to confuse Canadians by suggesting this is a law reform story about the role of the Attorney General,” stressed NDP Justice Critic, Tracey Ramsey. “But this is about whether the Prime Minister and his office attempted to politically interfere with our independent Attorney General in the criminal justice process. Canadians deserve the truth. Now more than ever it’s clear: we need a public independent inquiry.”

Trudeau’s Liberals have used the Justice Committee as a tool to support their political goal of suppressing all efforts to get to the truth. They argue that the Office of the Ethics Commissioner is looking into the matter, while they know that investigating political interferences like this one isn’t part of the mandate of the Ethics Commissioner. New Democrats believe that the Liberals’ games prove that a public inquiry must be held immediately.

“Liberal MPs say that they ‘have achieved’ their ‘objectives with respect to these meetings.’ Yes, they have. Their entire objective has been to contain the political damage,” stressed NDP Justice Deputy Critic, Murray Rankin. “This is outrageous. They just want to keep Canadians in the dark. We need to launch a public inquiry now.”