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May 12th, 2022

Liberals continue to spend billions in Trans Mountain Pipeline funding

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic, Laurel Collins, and NDP Natural Resources Critic, Charlie Angus, made the following joint statement:

“People across Canada are already living with the devastating impacts of the climate emergency. The increase of floods, forest fires and extreme weather has already cost lives.

Instead of taking the necessary action to save lives and ensure Canada meets its climate targets, the Liberals continue to throw billions of dollars at big oil companies. Yesterday, the Liberals announced $10 billion in public funding for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. This is the newest funding in a long line of examples where the Liberals have handed over public money to companies who are already making big profits – making it impossible for us to meet our climate goals. The announcement of the TMX funding comes only a few months after the Liberals promised that no more public money would be thrown at the Trans Mountain Pipeline – yet they continue to make people pay.

Instead of creating a long-overdue plan that would support our communities and help workers transition to a green economy, the Liberals continue with their failed approach. Despite evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that more action is urgently needed – this past month the Liberals also approved Bay du Nord, a massive $12 billion new fossil fuel project. This needs to stop.

Yesterday's news is just more proof that the Liberals should never have gone ahead with the Trans Mountain expansion project. Canadians need climate action now.

New Democrats will keep fighting for a just transition that moves Canada towards a renewable energy future. We will continue to push the government to end fossil fuel subsidies and redirect the funds towards a just transition that protects our climate and supports workers.”