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November 8th, 2022

Liberals continue to prop up big oil and gas CEOs instead of fighting the climate crisis and creating good jobs in our communities

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic Laurel Collins made the following statement:

“Today, a parliamentary report found that the climate crisis will cause the GDP to fall – but this analysis does not fully account for a substantial increase in extreme weather events that will have huge costs for Canadians. As temperatures rise and extreme weather events become more and more frequent, people are losing their homes and their livelihoods, and it will only get worse. The climate crisis isn’t just changing our weather – it’s costing people their jobs and their communities.

The Liberals should be investing in renewable energy and supporting workers through a transition to a greener economy, but instead, this year, they gave big oil companies over $2.6 billion in new fossil fuel subsidies.

Canadians want to see real climate action from their government, but the Liberals are making it clearer than ever – they would rather prop up rich oil and gas CEOs instead of fighting the climate emergency and protecting our communities.

We have seen the cost of the climate crisis, most recently with the devastation caused by hurricane Fiona, and we know it will take leadership and bold action to fight it. Today’s report assumes that the Liberals will be able to keep their promises on climate targets – something they have overwhelmingly failed to do since 2015. The cost of not doing anything will be disastrous – it’s more than time for the Liberals to step it up.

New Democrats will continue to push the government to stop throwing money at rich oil and gas CEOs, hoping they’ll do the right thing. We will keep pushing to end fossil fuel subsidies and make Canada a renewable energy super-power to create growth and good-paying jobs in our communities. And we will continue to push for the bold action needed to protect our planet and our children's future.”