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November 7th, 2023

The Liberals are still out-of-touch with Canadians in need of an affordable home

In reaction to the government announcing handing over six parcels of federal land to developers to only build a few affordable homes in the middle of a housing crisis, NDP critic for Housing Jenny Kwan issued the following statement:

“The Liberals are out of touch with Canadians struggling to find a home they can afford. They just handed six parcels of federal lands to wealthy private developers and only a small fraction of the homes that will be built will be deemed affordable.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis. Rent is through the roof. In St. John's alone, 2000 households are on a waitlist for affordable housing, and over 5,700 in Edmonton. In many cases, Canadians are having to make impossible choices – some end up sleeping in their cars or on the streets because they can’t afford a roof over their heads. Homelessness is on the rise across the country.

Canada needs at least 2 million non-profit homes. The Liberals making once again the bad decision of putting profits over building affordable homes will be harmful for people.

Justin Trudeau is out of touch and doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle to find an affordable place to call home. And Pierre Poilievre is not who he says he is, his so-called housing plan will only make super-rich investors and big developers even richer.

To help solve Canada’s housing crisis, New Democrats are calling on the government to build two million units of co-op and social housing. This will deliver more homes that are truly affordable so that everyone can find a safe home that fits their budget.”