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June 1st, 2021

Liberals are sticking up for big telecoms companies and Canadians are paying the very high price

OTTAWA – During a press conference this morning, the NDP’s Critic for Telecommunications, Brian Masse (Windsor West), criticized the CRTC’s recent move to reverse a previous decision to cut wholesale internet rates. This will have a direct and negative impact on Canadians, causing already high internet prices to skyrocket.

“During this pandemic, Canadians have been more dependant than ever on high-speed Internet connection for work, school, business and innovation; it is an essential service. Keeping people connected depends on the availability of accessible and reliable internet,” said Masses. “However, rather than looking out for Canadians, the Liberals have chosen to side with big telecom companies, allowing them to charge more for these vital services.”

The NDP is calling on the Liberal government to immediately overturn their decision to not cut wholesale internet rates, and to immediately refund the smaller independent internet service providers at the level of 2019 wholesale price reductions. New Democrats also want to see immediate regulation of internet prices, which have already increased since Thursday’s announcement by the CRTC.

“The Liberals promised telecom price cuts for Canadians during the last election. Not only did they not keep their promise, during the pandemic carriers have seen their profit margins increase to 42 percent in the wireless sector and 44 percent in the broadband sector,” added Masse. “Canadians deserve a government that will fight for affordable access to this vital service, not one that will let companies gouge them.”

While Liberals always stand up for big corporations to the detriment of Canadians, New Democrats will continue to fight for affordable and more reliable high-speed broadband internet for all.