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December 17th, 2021

Liberals are not helping people find a home they can afford

OTTAWA — The housing crisis is hitting hard and while house prices sore, the Liberals aren’t taking action to help Canadians find a home they can afford. It has been reported this week that the average selling price of a resale home in Canada last month was $720,850, beating the all-time high that was set in March of this year. It is increasingly impossible for people to afford a place to call home.

“Just 3 months ago, Justin Trudeau looked Canadians in the eyes and promised to tackle a housing crisis that has unfolded under his government,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “This week’s Fiscal Update confirmed one thing — these were just more empty words. The ultra-rich are Justin Trudeau’s priority, not you and your family. New Democrats will continue to fight to make sure every Canadian can afford a place to call home.”

While the Liberals continue to protect wealthy speculators that drive up the cost of housing, New Democrats have proposed concrete measures to tackle the housing crisis. The NDP has called on the Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to immediately put in place a foreign buyers tax, implement a flipping tax and ban blind bidding. And to help families find a home they can afford, the NDP called for investments in building 500 000 affordable homes.

“Canadians need a government that recognizes that the affordable housing crisis is hurting every community across the country. The Liberals are failing to address the housing affordability gap for those who are experiencing homelessness, looking to secure affordable housing in the rental market or dreaming of owning a home.” said NDP Housing Critic, Jenny Kwan. “The Prime Minister keeps proving that he is all talk with no intention of taking bold action to make things better for people struggling to find a home they can afford. The housing crisis is only getting worse while the cost of living continues to go up. Canadians can’t afford more nice words from the Liberals followed by inaction. The NDP's priority is to treat housing as basic human right and make buying a home possible for all Canadians.”