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June 10th, 2022

Liberals are abandoning Canadians as gas prices are expected to once again rise to new highs

Leader of Canada's NDP Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“Canadian workers and their families who are still recovering from two years of a pandemic are now being crushed by the rising cost of living. And today we're hearing that in provinces like Ontario, prices at the pumps are likely to rise again to record highs. Canadians need help, but the Liberals are failing to take this cost-of-living crisis seriously by protecting the interests of fossil fuel companies instead of giving immediate relief to Canadians.

Big oil and gas companies are making record profits off the backs of families who can barely afford the gas to drive to work. The role of government is to be there for people and there are solutions in front of us to help, but this Liberal government is failing people by refusing to act.

New Democrats have been calling on the government to tax the excess profits of profitable oil and gas companies, like other countries have done, and stop giving taxpayer funded subsidies to profitable oil and gas companies, and reinvest those funds to help families struggling with the cost of living by doubling the GST tax credit and increasing the Canada Child Benefit for all recipients by $500. This government had the chance to do something to help families struggling to afford the cost of essentials by supporting the NDP’s plan, but they refused. Instead, the Liberals chose to protect the profits of corporations over helping everyday people.

The NDP continues to call on this government to give people the support they desperately need. New Democrats don’t answer to the rich and powerful, we will always fight to make life more affordable for hard working Canadians and their families.”