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September 28th, 2016

Liberals abandon workers across the country

OTTAWA – New Democrats are disappointed by the government’s decision to vote against anti-scab bill C-234. The Liberal government is refusing to respect the right to free collective bargaining and to modernize the Canadian Labour Code.

“The Liberals showed a lack of leadership with respect to workers’ rights,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “The NDP will continue to fight for the rights of workers across the country.”

The anti-scab bill responds to longstanding calls from unions and similar bills have been tabled 14 times in the House of Commons. Unfortunately none of them passed the first reading. New Democrats will continue to put pressure on the government to improve the right to collective bargaining and working conditions.

“This vote shows the government’s true intentions. The Liberals are abandoning workers across the country,” added Karine Trudel (Jonquière), NDP Deputy Labour critic and sponsor of the bill. “The use of scabs infringes on workers’ ability to negotiate and hurts labour relations. It’s disappointing to see the Liberals refuse to protect the right to free collective bargaining in Canada,” Trudel concluded.