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October 29th, 2021

Liberal government decides today if they’ll continue fighting Indigenous kids in Court

OTTAWA – Today is the last day for the federal government to drop their fight against Indigenous children in court and finally agree to pay them the compensation that they are owed.

“Children who faced discrimination have been failed by the federal government. Today Justin Trudeau has the opportunity to do the right thing and back up his nice words about reconciliation with concrete action,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “He has to show Indigenous people that things will be different moving forward. This is his chance. Just stop fighting these kids, give them what the court has repeatedly said they’re owed and show all Canadians you’re finally going to get serious about reconciliation.”

For six years, Justin Trudeau spent millions fighting the rights of Indigenous children and trying to overturn a ruling that found the government guilty of 'willful and reckless' discrimination against vulnerable Indigenous kids. The NDP have been calling on the Liberal government to immediately end the legal battle against First Nation children and accept responsibility for their systemic denial of rights.

“Justin Trudeau needs to close funding gaps and address the system that continues to deny services to Indigenous children,” said Singh. “But first, stop the fight in court against these kids, stop dragging out this difficult process. People across the country are watching. Is Justin Trudeau going to keep making promises he has no intention of keeping? We’re calling on this Liberal government to finally take clear steps towards truth, justice and reconciliation for all Indigenous people in Canada.”