October 24th, 2017

Liberal economic update fails to act on tax fairness: NDP

OTTAWA – In the midst of an ethics scandal, the NDP is criticizing the Finance Minister for his lacklustre Fall economic update.

“The Finance Minister was looking to distract Canadians from his ethics scandal, but it’s hard to do without actually taking any real action,” said the NDP’s Parliamentary Leader, Guy Caron. “Instead of trying to earn back Canadians' trust by making sure those at the top pay their fair share, he’s using every trick in the book to make this issue go away. We have news for him: it won’t.”

With today’s update, the Liberal party has missed yet another opportunity to help Canadians by making sure large corporations and the wealthiest among us pay their fair share. After backtracking on their botched tax change proposals, the Government is still refusing to close major loopholes in our tax system, like the CEO stock options loophole, and the use of tax havens. That means hardworking Canadians are going to lose billions in support and services they need, while wealthy Liberal insiders continue to make off like bandits.

“We were hoping to see this government take action on a number of different issues. All this government is doing is reannouncing a number of measures they had already put forward using fancy buzzwords,” added NDP Finance Critic Alexandre Boulerice. “To be called an ‘economic update’, you need to actually update your plan. Sadly, that’s not what Canadians got.”