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March 7th, 2019

Justin Trudeau’s Real Environmental Record

Alexandre Boulerice, the NDP Environment Critic, issued the following statement:

"Justin Trudeau is trying to put his political interference scandal behind him by launching a public relations campaign on fighting climate change. He is patting himself on the back and saying his government is an environmental leader compared to the previous Conservative government.
But a real environmental leader would never adopt Stephen Harper’s greenhouse gas reduction targets. And it shows— because with every passing year, the Liberals have fallen further away from meeting their own weak targets. In 2017, they missed them by 66 megatonnes. In 2018, it was 79 megatonnes.
An environmental leader would not betray Indigenous peoples' trust, nor the trust of future generations, by wasting 4.5 billion dollars of public money to buy an old pipeline.
An environmental leader wouldn't continue pouring over 6 billion dollars into tax giveaways for big oil, while the green energy industry of the future receives next to nothing. An environmental leader simply wouldn't hand out 12 times more money to the oil and gas sector than to the renewable energy sector.
An environmental leader would never receive an international award from leading oil companies as a "thank you" for his work.
This is Justin Trudeau’s and his Liberal government’s real track record on greenhouse gas reduction.
According to the IPCC, we only have 12 more years to avoid catastrophe. It’s time for an ambitious and coherent plan to fight against climate change."