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April 8th, 2013

Jason Kenney’s outsourced outrage

This weekend dozens of Canadians at one of Canada’s largest banks learned firsthand the impacts of the Conservatives’ temporary foreign worker program: they’re losing their jobs.

When news of this situation broke Minister Kenney desperately tried to distance himself with artificial outrage telling the CBC Saturday "you can't displace Canadians to hire people from abroad".

He even gave advice on how to deal with employers replacing Canadians with temporary foreign workers:

“[They] should have the book thrown at them." - Immigration Minister Jason Kenney,, April 4, 2013

Far from having ‘the book thrown at them’, a company spokesperson stated that the Government of Canada helped them navigate ‘the book’ in support of this action:

"We’ve already been in conversation with government departments last week as this came forward and we are working with them" – Zabeen Hirji, Chief Human Resources Officer for RBC, CBC Newsworld, April 7, 2913

In fact Conservative policies are exacerbating Canada’s unemployment troubles and accelerating the export of Canadian jobs. Minister Kenney’s fabricated denunciation is all part of the Conservative policy playbook: make public policy, hide it from Canadians and publicly deny its existence when things go wrong.

While Conservatives engineer policies that promote the loss and export of Canadian jobs, New Democrats will always fight to protect hard working Canadians.

Canadians deserve better.