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September 5th, 2021

Jagmeet Singh’s vaccination plan aims to unify as fourth wave worsens

OTTAWA — As the fourth wave of the pandemic intensifies, public health experts are urging people to get vaccinated, and kids are heading back to school, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh introduced a comprehensive plan to increase vaccination rates, help families through the pandemic, and protect health care workers.

“I know people are worried about their families – especially their kids who are starting the school year. The good news is, we know what to do to get through this. And we can get through it together,” said Jagmeet. “Dividing people is easy. We need to bring people together to achieve our common goal. I’m ready to fight against this fourth wave alongside Canadians.”

To help Canadians get through the fourth wave, Jagmeet committed $1 billion in targeted supports to ramp up vaccinations and to partner with provinces and territories to create targeted, inclusive programs that will remove the remaining barriers and help those who are still unvaccinated get their shots.

Jagmeet also repeated his commitment to work together to quickly implement a national vaccine passport to allow fully vaccinated Canadians to not only travel internationally but also continue going to work, school and public spaces with more peace of mind. To further support families, Jagmeet committed to reversing Trudeau’s cuts to pandemic supports and extending them. Beyond working to prevent divisive and inaccurate rhetoric, an NDP government would also strengthen laws to protect healthcare workers and those seeking care from harassment and violent attacks.

“We can’t end this pandemic if Canadians seeking care and those who are delivering it feel unsafe,” said Jagmeet. “We have a responsibility to protect those who are protecting us, and we must remove all barriers—including the fear of violence and intimidation—from the path to vaccination. We can defeat this, but we have to work together. I’ll fight for Canadians every step of the way.”

Yesterday, in a letter to the other party leaders, Jagmeet asked them to join him this week in recording a multi-partisan video, telling all Canadians – no matter who they vote for – that vaccines are safe, easy, and necessary.