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August 19th, 2021

Jagmeet Singh would end Trudeau and Conservative health care cuts

EDMONTON – Standing along with nurses and health care workers, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh promised an NDP government would end the legacy of health care cuts started by the Conservatives and continued by Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet committed to hiring more nurses and vowed to stop premiers from attacking Canadian health care the way Jason Kenney has.

“Alberta families are getting it from all sides—Jason Kenney attacks nurses and health care workers and the Justin Trudeau government is carrying on with Conservative health care funding cuts,” said Jagmeet. “Conservatives always cut health care, and while Justin Trudeau promised he would reverse the cut he has not. He has kept delivering less. New Democrats will restore funding for health care and make sure it’s used to improve health care services by hiring nurses.”

The Conservative cuts Trudeau has continued have hurt all Canadians. In Alberta, it has contributed to a critical shortage of nurses and other health care workers. Nurses are burnt out, struggling to keep up with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and exhausted by Jason Kenney’s attacks on their wages.

Jagmeet pledged an NDP government would create a $250 million Critical Shortages Fund to address the shortage of nurses and health care workers across Canada and ensure that provinces also commit funding specifically for health care workers. The federal fund would help train and hire 2,000 nurses.

“Nurses were there for us in the pandemic. This election is a choice between continued cuts and more nurses leaving or stronger health care that is there for you when you need it,” said Jagmeet. “When it comes to health care Justin Trudeau is all for show. He won’t stand up to Jason Kenney’s cuts. I will.”