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August 21st, 2021

Jagmeet Singh will fix Trudeau’s housing crisis and make rent more affordable

TORONTO – With a commitment to make rent more affordable, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh elaborated on his plan to fix Justin Trudeau’s housing crisis today. While Justin Trudeau has refused to close loopholes used by wealthy developers to raise prices out of control, Jagmeet will make sure the ultra-rich pay their share and rents stay affordable for everyday families.

“Justin Trudeau likes to say he is creating housing that Canadians can afford, but in reality, he’s giving rich developers millions of dollars to build unaffordable apartment buildings and hike the price of rent,” said Jagmeet. “Over the last six years, the average rent in Toronto jumped by $4, 212 a year. Instead of making housing more affordable for everyday families, Justin Trudeau sided with rich developers.”

Jagmeet committed to close the loopholes Trudeau has protected for the ultra-rich by tightening the rules to prevent big developers from ‘renovicting’ families. Jagmeet would make it easier for families to pay rent by providing help of up to $5,000 a year while we tackle wait lists for affordable housing.

“Justin Trudeau is more interested in looking like he cares than delivering. He will continue to protect the ultra-rich and jack up costs for regular people,” said Jagmeet. “I know what it’s like to worry about having the money to make rent every month. Unlike Justin Trudeau, I don’t answer to the powerful. I’m working to make rent more affordable for all Canadians.”

This commitments builds on Jagmeet’ pledge to build 500,000 affordable homes within ten years, to lift the GST on building homes that meet strict affordability standards, and to create a fund to help non-profit—not big developers—buy properties to help keep communities affordable.