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August 16th, 2021

Jagmeet Singh sets Labour Day as deadline for action on vaccines

TORONTO – Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called on Justin Trudeau to make specific commitments to have vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations for federally-regulated industries in place by Labour Day.

“Parents are worried about sending their kids back to school in just a matter of weeks. Public health experts tell us that getting more people vaccinated will help keep kids safe from the fourth wave,” said Jagmeet. “Mr. Trudeau has spent the last week talking about vaccines – but none of that talk has resulted in a single extra person being vaccinated, nor will it make schools any safer.”

Just days before calling the election, Justin Trudeau said he would be creating a vaccine passport for international travel. He said it would be in place by “early this fall”. Days later, he announced plans to require vaccination later in the fall. Both measures lacked clear timelines.

“Canadian families should be able to access vaccine passports as easily as possible. And they should be able to use them here at home – not just when travelling internationally,” said Jagmeet. “Real leadership – and not just talk – would mean getting more provinces to sign on to a vaccine passport, and ensure the passport is in place by Labour Day.”

Jagmeet also called on Justin Trudeau to take further action to get more Canadians vaccinated, including:

  • A mandatory vaccination deadline for federal public servants and workers in federally-regulated industries by Labour Day.
  • Paid leave for workers in federally-regulated workplaces to get vaccinated.
  • Support from federal staff to bolster provinces’ efforts to get vaccines to people who face barriers.
“If Justin Trudeau really wants to protect Canadians, he needs to set real deadlines for vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations for federal industries,” said Jagmeet. “The timelines I’m calling for are aggressive but doable. Canadians deserve more than Justin Trudeau’s empty talk. They deserve real action to keep them safe.”