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September 17th, 2018

Jagmeet Singh Says the NDP Will be Fighting for Real People, Highlights Indigenous Education, Trade Deals and Housing for New Session

OTTAWA – The NDP is kicking off the fall session of Parliament united in their determination to fight for solutions that will improve the lives of real people struggling because the Liberals have failed to deliver on their promises.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh used examples while talking about education for Indigenous children, the housing crisis and the impact of bad trade deals.

“While other Canadian children have gone back to school this month, these Indigenous kids from Kashechewan are waiting because their school has been shut down,” said Singh. “Chronic underfunding of Indigenous education means that the 10-year-old moldy portables these kids had for a school are too dangerous for them to be in.”

Singh spent last week in British Columbia for the NDP caucus retreat discussing the real impacts of Trump tariffs, NAFTA and the TPP which the Liberals are hoping to ratify this fall. Before being officially nominated as his party’s candidate in Burnaby South, Singh also met Ed who’s a senior citizen recovering from hip surgery and is about to become homeless.

“The Liberals admit there’s a housing crisis but have delayed 90 percent of their funding until after the next election,” said Singh. “That’s like calling 911 because there’s a fire and being told a fire extinguisher is in the mail.”