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December 9th, 2020

Jagmeet Singh says Liberals need to do more for the care of our loved ones

Ahead of meeting with provinces, Singh reminds Liberals that cuts to health care hurt Canadians

OTTAWA – This pandemic has exposed the gaps in our health care system and has shown that not everyone gets the same care. But the Liberals have refused to do anything about it. They have proposed no permanent solutions to the gaps that hurt people in this pandemic. Today, ahead of their meeting with the provinces, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh reminded Justin Trudeau’s Liberals that Canadians from coast to coast to coast need permanent, reliable and accessible health care.

“People need long-term, meaningful funding for their health care. This should be a guideline for the Prime Minister in his meeting with the Premiers tomorrow,” said Singh. “COVID-19 has taken the lives of loved ones in long-term care because we weren’t prepared for the worse. You can’t build meaningful health care for seniors and long-term care with a one-time payment. We need investments in growing our health care system to make sure it covers everyone from head to toe.”

Successive Liberal and Conservative governments did not shy away from making damaging cuts to people’s health care over generations. To make matters worse, Justin Trudeau continued Stephen Harper’s planned cuts to health funding leaving people in the lurch. When New Democrats fought for the end of profit in long-term care and for help for seniors, Justin Trudeau said it wasn't his problem. The Liberals have proven that, left alone, they won’t fix the problems people face. They’ll choose their wealthy friends over the care and well-being of people – every time.

“These are tough times for a lot of people. Many Canadians are struggling and worried about their loved ones,” said Singh. “The pandemic has shown that the conditions in long-term homes aren’t keeping people safe. To fix this, we must take profits out of the care of our loved ones. New Democrats will keep fighting for people and the help they need to get through this pandemic.”