December 19th, 2018

Jagmeet Singh Pushes Trudeau Government to Save Brampton Campus

BRAMPTON – On Wednesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh urged the Trudeau Liberal government to step in and save the planned Ryerson University campus in Brampton following Premier Doug Ford’s decision to cancel provincial support for the project.

“Doug Ford’s reckless decision to cancel funding for this campus expansion is a slap in the face to this community and will have terrible impacts for students and the local economy, if we don’t act,” Singh said. “The Trudeau government cannot sit quietly by and let this happen. They should step up and offer funding so the project can move forward.”

Students in Brampton were set to access programs from the Innovation Hub, Cybersecurity programming, and the Chang School of Continuing Education that were planned for this campus. In October, Ford cancelled the $90 million capital funding for campus expansion projects in Brampton, even though local council had agreed to contribute an additional $150 million.

“Not only will this project support important research and innovation, it will help local economic growth and it will also help students like myself get the education we need close to home,” said Amanpreet Chonkrian. “Like me, there are thousands more young people here who would benefit from having a new university campus. It’s important the federal government steps in to make sure we actually get to go to this university in our community, which is why we’re standing in support with Jagmeet Singh today.”
“As a high school student, I would have loved the opportunity to have been able to do my university studies closer to home. But as a university student who is close to graduating, and who will be looking for a job closer to home, I know how important the Brampton university would have been for our local economy,” added Gurbir Mandher. “Not only is this decision affecting students who want the opportunity to study close to home, it will have a terrible impact on our community, and on my ability to get a job in my community. It’s important that the federal government steps up and makes sure this university goes ahead.”
“People in Brampton need someone in their corner that will fight for them and stand up for important community projects like this campus,” added Singh.