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April 18th, 2019

Jagmeet Singh Commits to Create Jobs, Save Families Money and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

VICTORIA – On Thursday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh started laying out the NDP’s plan to tackle climate change and strengthen our communities. New Democrats are proposing large-scale building retrofits to reduce energy demand, create jobs and save families money every single month.

“People are worried about the threat of climate change, and how we can have a sustainable future with good jobs and prosperity. They’re putting in the effort to make their lives greener – but governments in Ottawa keep making the wrong choices,” said Singh. “Just last week the Liberal government gave Loblaws, one of the richest corporations in Canada, 12 million dollars for fridges. That’s money that could have been spent helping families.”

It the upcoming weeks, the NDP will lay out its plan for the environment. Part of that plan is a commitment to retrofit all housing stock in the country by 2050. Buildings are the third largest source of Canada’s GHG emissions every year. To reduce emissions, a meaningful change is to improve our existing building stock.

“Retrofits to make existing buildings more energy efficient is the kind of concrete solution that tackles climate pollution and creates the good jobs we need for the future – making things better for the environment, and for people too,” added the NDP's federal election candidate in Victoria, Laurel Collins. “We can help families save an average of almost $900 a year and lower our emissions. That’s concrete action that helps families and is good for our planet.”

When the Conservatives were in power, they cut successful programs like ecoENERGY Home Retrofit that helped people make their homes more energy efficient. And instead of taking bold action to confront the climate crisis, Justin Trudeau spent $4.5 billion to buy a pipeline, putting our coast at risk with a 700% increase in tanker traffic.

“We will make different choices,” added Singh. “Our plan will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will create tens of thousands of good local jobs all across the country.”