February 18th, 2019

Jagmeet Singh Calls for a Public Inquiry into Liberal Corporate Prosecution Scandal

BURNABY - On Monday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called for an independent public inquiry into alleged attempts from the Prime Minister's Office to pressure former Attorney General, Jody Wilson Raybould, into dropping charges against the multi-billion dollar corporation, SNC Lavalin.

"The Liberals have been shutting down attempts to get to the truth, or even hear from those involved, and Mr.Trudeau's story changes every day," Singh said. "So today, we're calling for an independent public inquiry into this corporate prosecution scandal - because Canadians deserve to know if their government is working for them or for a massive corporation with deep ties to the Liberal Party."

The NDP will table a motion in Parliament in support of an independent inquiry led by a former judge, which also calls on Trudeau to waive solicitor-client privilege which has prevented Wilson Raybould from giving her side of the story. Last week the Liberals MPs on the Justice Committee blocked an NDP attempt to investigate the scandal and hear from key witnesses, including Wilson-Raybould.

"Time and time again Mr.Trudeau has chosen the side of rich corporations - over regular Canadians struggling with higher and higher expenses," Singh said. "He's chosen his friends over your family."

Member of Parliaments will have the opportunity to vote on the NDP motion on Wednesday.
Text of the motion:
Mr.Rankin (Victoria) - That the House: (a) call on the Prime Minister to waive solicitor-client privilege for the former Attorney General with respect to allegations of interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin; and (b) urge the government to launch a public inquiry, under the Inquiries Act, in order to provide Canadians with the transparency and accountability promised by the Liberals in the 2015 election campaign.