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March 20th, 2024

Jagmeet Singh calls on Liberals to reverse harmful cuts to Indigenous services

OTTAWA—On Wednesday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called on the Liberals to reverse billions of dollars in cuts to the vital services Indigenous communities rely on in the next federal budget.

Instead of cutting services Indigenous communities desperately need, the NDP says Justin Trudeau should stop wasting billions of dollars on private consultants and subsidies to Big Oil and Gas.

“Imagine having to live in a mouldy home with your young children knowing that it isn’t a healthy place for them. That’s the heartbreaking situation facing thousands of Indigenous families,” said Singh. “Instead of making homes safe, the federal government is telling Indigenous people that there is no money to remove mould from their homes. Indigenous peoples have been neglected by Liberals and Conservatives for decades. And now the Liberals want to cut programs that ensure Indigenous children get the care they need. This is unacceptable.

“Government should be looking out for these communities, not taking away the services they need. If Justin Trudeau is so determined to make cuts, he should stop his wasteful spending on private consultants and subsidies to Big Oil and Gas.”

Multiple reports stated that the Liberals may cut billions of dollars to essential programs like Jordan’s Principles that ensures First Nations children have the same access to healthcare than any other child across the country. The cuts may also impact programs dealing with the harmful and destructive legacy of the Residential School System and funding for mental health and wellness programs.

“Justin Trudeau has broken a lot of promises to Indigenous people but cutting funding to programs they rely on is unforgivable,” said Singh. “He is out-of-touch and clearly he’s not serious about justice and respect for Indigenous peoples.

“And if it was up to Pierre Poilievre, the cuts to Indigenous services would go even further building on his record of profound disrespect for Indigenous people. New Democrats will not let this happen. We will use our power in Parliament to reverse these harmful cuts in the next federal budget.”