April 14th, 2018

Jagmeet Singh reacts to airstrikes in Syria

The following statement was issued by NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh:

“Escalating violence through further military action is not the way to bring peace and stability to Syria and the surrounding region.
Use of chemical weapons against civilians in Syria is despicable and clearly meets the definition of war crimes. All who share responsibility in these acts must be held accountable. The targeting of hospitals, aid workers, and innocent civilians are also clear violations of international law. It is essential that inspectors and the United Nations are able to investigate and report back to the UN Security Council.
The NDP has asked the Federal Government to increase its current funding for efforts to investigate these atrocities, so that these crimes can ultimately be prosecuted. We are concerned that Canada is not engaging as it should to support diplomatic efforts with our international partners to prevent further escalation of the violence. Any successful response to the crisis in Syria must be multilateral and consistent with international law.
During his forthcoming trip to the UK and France, Prime Minister Trudeau has an opportunity to engage our partners on the Syrian crisis and work towards a lasting and just peace. Let us remember that similar air strikes last year did not deter the use of chemical weapons. Now is the time for the international community to find a political solution to this crisis. That is the only route to lasting peace. I urge the Prime Minister to insist on a renewed effort for peace.
What is often forgotten in these situations is the urgent need for increased humanitarian assistance. With tens of thousands of civilians trapped in Douma and Eastern Ghouta and millions internally displaced, Canada must match its words with additional support to address the humanitarian need in Syria, with a special attention to women’s organisations.
The people of Syria did not ask for this conflict and they need to know the international community is united and determined to bring an end this devastating war. The NDP will continue to stand with them and support their aspirations for a peaceful, democratic future."