December 2nd, 2014

Isabelle Morin presses the government to take action on animal rights

Canada’s poor rating on the World Animal Protection’s index is a strong indication of how ineffective our laws and regulations have become after being left untouched for over 100 years,” stated MP and NDP spokesperson on animal’s rights and welfare Isabelle Morin (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Lachine).

The federal government should take this issue seriously and should play a more proactive role in eradicating animal cruelty in Canada.

“It is absolutely indefensible that Canada remains so far behind on animal rights and welfare,” said Isabelle Morin. “Our society has evolved significantly over time; unfortunately the same cannot be said of our laws and regulations on this issue.”

Morin is urging the Conservatives to embrace constructive proposals that aim to ensure more adequate protection for animals.

“It is time to remedy this situation, starting with recognizing animals as beings capable of feeling pain and suffering,” said Isabelle Morin.

"We are urging the federal government to work with animal protection groups to improve Canada’s performance,” she added.