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November 28th, 2022

Indo-Pacific Strategy is a step forward; New Democrats will hold government accountable

Heather McPherson, the NDP’s critic for Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement in response to the release of the Indio-Pacific Strategy:

“New Democrats welcome the essential but long overdue Indo-Pacific Strategy. We will fight for Canadians to ensure this is not just another empty promise by the Liberal government. China has demonstrated its willingness to weaponize trade, and Canadians at home and abroad have felt the impacts. China continues to have tremendous influence in the region, and New Democrats urge the government to follow through on their commitments and play a more substantial role in the Indo-Pacific.

As Trudeau’s government spent years working in the Indo-Pacific region with no plan or strategy, Canada’s reputation and role on the global stage have suffered. We have seen, more often than not, the Liberal government make big announcements - but with little action. Canadians don’t have time for empty words.

By strengthening Canada’s relationships with other nations and diversifying trade, Canada can take steps to counterbalance China’s disruptive power. New Democrats will be here to hold Trudeau’s government accountable and are calling for Canada to expand ties to other nations to promote Canada’s interests, defend human rights and fight the climate crisis.”