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November 30th, 2023

Heading into COP28, NDP tells Liberals to release oil and gas emissions cap framework

OTTAWA — On Thursday, as COP28 kicks off, NDP Transport critic Taylor Bachrach and deputy Climate Change critic Alexandre Boulerice called on the Liberal government to stop the delay and table their oil and gas emissions cap framework. Despite years of touting an oil and gas emissions cap and promising that a plan would be released last spring, the Liberals have continued to drag their feet.

“Canadians are struggling to cope with the devastating consequences of the climate crisis, with communities facing extreme heat waves, droughts and wildfires in the past year alone,” said Bachrach. “Canadians expect action but the Liberals have kept them in the dark about significant parts of their climate plan. Now, Canada is heading into COP28 with little progress to show the world, which is why New Democrats are again calling on the Liberals to stop delaying the oil and gas emission cap framework.”

Just last week, a report from the Environment Commissioner and a report from the United Nations showed that under the Liberals, Canada is falling behind in meeting climate targets. In fact, under the Liberals, Canada has the worst track emission records in the G7 -- the only member country to see its emissions rise. The United Nations even named and shamed Canada for being so far behind.

"Given that Canada is not on track to meet its emissions 2030 target, it's critical that the Liberals force the oil and gas industry to do its fair share," added Boulerice. "These big corporations, which are posting massive profits amidst rising pollution, can't be allowed to sit out the fight against climate change any longer."

“Justin Trudeau and Minister Guilbeault keep delaying climate action and disappointing people across the country. They’ve broken promise after promise and keep handing out billions of dollars to big oil and gas,” “With people rightfully fed up with the Liberals' games, the least Minister Guilbeault can do is release an emissions cap framework to show the world that Canada isn’t going to COP28 empty-handed.”

“While the Liberals delay and disappoint on climate, Pierre Poilievre’s corporate-controlled Conservatives can’t even decide whether they think climate change is real. Canadians deserve better," said Bachrach.