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October 6th, 2015

Harper’s secret TPP will make health care more expensive, hurt dairy industry

Tom Mulcair will fight to protect Canadians’ access to affordable medications and defend dairy farmers

NDP candidates Erin Selby (Saint-Boniface—Saint-Vital) and Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier—Maskinongé) today outlined the NDP’s concerns around the negative impact of Stephen Harper’s secret TPP deal.

The Conservatives negotiated the TPP agreement in secrecy and without a mandate. And despite serious concerns being raised about Canadians’ access to generic drugs, as well as the future of our dairy industry, Justin Trudeau said he will support Stephen Harper’s deal without having seen it.

“New Democrats do not agree with a deal that could mean dramatic increases in the price of life-saving medication,” said Selby. “Already, one out of ten Canadians can’t afford to take the drugs they’re prescribed by their doctors. Stephen Harper’s deal will only make it harder for generic drugs to reach market – that is bad news for all Canadians.”

An NDP government will protect supply management so Canadians can continue to purchase the home-grown, affordable dairy products they rely on to feed their families.

“Our dairy farmers have been providing quality, safe milk products for generations. With his TPP deal, Stephen Harper recklessly made this bedrock industry more vulnerable,” said Brosseau. “Promising compensation instead of defending farmers is a misguided strategy, especially when the compensation is inadequate to protect the industry.”

More and more Canadians are raising concerns over Harper’s secret TPP deal. Thousands of have already sent a message to Stephen Harper that they don’t want a deal that threatens Canadian jobs, families, communities.