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May 31st, 2011

Harper not showing leadership on health care: report

New report highlights the government’s neglect on critical health care issues: NDP

OTTAWA –The Harper Government has failed to provide national leadership on tacking the critical issues facing Canada’s health care system, says New Democrat Health Critic Libby Davies. Davies was reacting to conclusions outlined in today’s Canada Health Council’s report.

“Canadians are concerned about the future of their health care system. Simply throwing more money at it will not solve the current challenges, you need better leadership,” said Davies.

The report confirms the Conservative government has failed to provide leadership on health care, including on important initiatives like a national pharmaceutical strategy, hiring more frontline health care professionals, expanded home care supports, shortened wait times, and an electronic health records system.

““Prescription drugs are one of the most expensive components of our healthcare system,” Davies said. “The 2004 accord was supposed to implement a pharmaceutical strategy to reduce prescription drug costs. But because of the lack of federal leadership, this has not happened.”

Today’s report also brings into question whether the Conservative’s can properly negotiate the 2014 Health Care Accords.

“While health care delivery is under provincial jurisdiction, the federal government still has an important role to play. The federal government must bring together the provinces and territories and set measureable targets and outcomes. Only by doing this can the government ensure that every Canadian, no matter where he or she lives, can have access to high quality and timely health care services,” concluded Davies.