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October 10th, 2015

Harper must release details of secret TPP side deals

Canadians deserve to know what jobs Harper has traded away with his TPP backroom deals

NDP auto critic Brian Masse says Stephen Harper must be straight with Canadians about what other jobs he’s sold-out as part of secret side deals he’s cut with his TPP partners.

“Stephen Harper has already tried to hide from Canadians how many jobs his secretive TPP deal will cost Canadians,” said Masse. “Now, we learn the Conservatives cut backroom side-deals that could put even more jobs at risk.”

Behind closed doors, the Conservative side-deals with numerous TPP countries that could mean that even more Canadians across the country could see their jobs traded away. The Conservatives have, so far, refused to release the details of these backroom deals.

“The Conservatives have already shown they’re not coming clean with Canadians on critical parts of the TPP that will cost Canadian jobs,” said Masse. “It’s just not fair to expect Canadians who are worried about their jobs to wait until after the election to get the fine print. Tom Mulcair will fight for jobs and won’t be bound by Harper’s bad deal.”