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October 24th, 2016

Freeland must grab the opportunity to fix CETA

NDP Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey made the following statement:

“As Wallonia continues to stand up for all Europeans that have raised opposition to elements of CETA, we are calling on the Canadian government to stop setting arbitrary deadlines and focus their efforts on fixing the deal.

The Minister's attempts to bully and scold Europe into submission are unprecedented and clearly haven't worked. Over-heated rhetoric and pressure tactics are no way to deal with such an important issue - especially when the urgency is completely manufactured.

Instead of ignoring the legitimate concerns shared by millions of Europeans and Canadians‎, the Minister should accept that she has an opportunity to address the problems with the current agreement.

Missing a photo op for the PM this week is a small price to pay for the chance to fix a number of flaws in the deal.

Trade with Europe is too important to get it wrong.”