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January 7th, 2014

Finally, a Conservative MP recognizes the impact of climate change

Will 2014 bring commonsense to Conservative environmental policy?

Following the surprising admission by Conservative MP Peter Braid that recent extreme meteorological events demonstrate the impact of climate change, the NDP is calling on the Conservative government to finally agree to fight climate change in 2014.

“Now that Conservatives are starting to acknowledge the consequences of climate change, the question people are asking is when will we finally see some action?” asked NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax). “We have been saying it for years – we need federal leadership, and a real plan, for fighting climate change.”

The NDP has been pressuring the government to back up their words with action – including regulations and investments that actually fight climate change.

"Canada’s Environment Minister, like the prime minister, simply ignore science they disagree with. If they won’t listen to the NDP and millions of other Canadians concerned about our environment, we hope they will at least listen to his own Conservative backbencher."