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September 16th, 2021

Families can’t afford Trudeau’s housing crisis and billionaire handouts any longer

Jagmeet will ensure every family has a chance at a home they can afford

TORONTO— Jagmeet Singh recommitted today, to fighting Justin Trudeau’s housing crisis and helping families find a home they can afford. As a first step, Jagmeet said he would end Trudeau’s record of protecting big money developers and rich housing speculators.

“This housing crisis is another example of Mr. Trudeau making people pay the piece while he protects the rich,” said Jagmeet. “The cost of a home has increased by $300,000 since he took office. Now, many Canadians have given up on ever being able to afford to buy one. I am not Justin Trudeau. I will make the billionaires and big corporations pay their share and will fight to make sure finding a home becomes more affordable for all families.”

Prices have been driven up by predatory house flippers and wealthy developers. While Trudeau has said a lot of things about housing, he has done nothing to prevent everyday families from being squeezed out of the market and his own candidate has made millions of dollars from flipping dozens of homes. Trudeau broke a promise to bring in a tax on speculators and instead continued to help wealthy developers use our housing market like a stock market.

“Justin Trudeau called this selfish election because he wanted to take more power for himself; not to make life more affordable for families,” said Jagmeet. “In this election, people can choose Mr. Trudeau who is all talk, and only wants to protect the rich. Or they can choose me, and I will fight for them.”

Jagmeet’s National Housing Strategy would take the big money out of housing, address serial house flipping and money laundering within the market, increase the supply of affordable homes, and introduce measures to make homes more affordable for families.

“Better is possible. We just need to vote for it,” said Jagmeet.