January 10th, 2013

Counterfeit logic!

Instead of taking action on counterfeit parts being used in our military aircraft, Conservatives have turned to counterfeit logic to defend their photo-op driven approach to military procurement.

We don't have any particular concerns in this country. I have been advised that the checks and balances we have in our country are sufficient.

– Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence, CBC, Oct 24, 2012

The microchips which are suspected to be counterfeit are nevertheless doing the job... If they need to be replaced, if they’re unsafe, if they’re not functioning, they will be replaced.

– Chris Alexander, Parliamentary Secretary to the National Defence Minister, CBC, Jan 9, 2013

So, Conservative Ministers are not “particularly concerned” because there are sufficient “checks and balances.” Until such time as a component fails, potentially endangering the pilot’s life, then the parts “will be replaced”.

This tortured logic coming from Conservatives comes as no surprise. Just further evidence of their penchant for never accepting they’re wrong, refusing to ever say they’re sorry and for putting talking points ahead of providing sound public administration.