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July 20th, 2015

Conservatives playing politics with public service resources

The Official Opposition is demanding that Conservative cabinet ministers stop using public service resources and employees to make partisan announcements on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Government of Canada Communications Policy is clear and supposed to protect against such abuses by safeguarding Canadians’ trust and confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Public Service of Canada.

“When you’ve got Conservatives telling public servants to organize events and tours for Minister Poilievre at UCCB cheque printing facilities, or when the minister shows up to a government event in a Conservative Party branded shirt, they have crossed the line,” said NDP Treasury Board Critic, Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac).

The Guide for Minister’s and Ministers of State reads:

“you must ensure that neither you nor your staff seek to engage public servants in work that is outside their appropriate, non-partisan role.”

“Stephen Harper promised to clean up these kinds of scandals and to do things differently. Instead we’ve seen Conservatives abusing public resources to promote their partisan ends at every opportunity. Canadians have had enough. They’re ready for change,” added Ravignat.