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September 30th, 2014

Conservatives can make Question Period more relevant

Today, Conservative MPs will have the chance to listen to Canadians and vote to improve the tone in Parliament and ensure Question Period can also be known as Answer Period.

“Canadians expect their government to be respectful and clear on issues like why our soldiers are being sent into a conflict half a world away. Canadians are tired of the buffoonery and personal attacks, like we saw last week,” said NDP House Leader, Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster).

In answer to the Speaker who feels he needs clear instructions in the matter, the NDP introduced a motion to make sure both questions and answers are relevant. Unrelated and disrespectful declarations have no place in Parliament.

“Canadians have overwhelmingly told us that they want the tone and content of Question Period to improve. Ottawa is broken, and the NDP is determined to fix it one practical step at a time‎,” said Julian.