February 11th, 2014

Conservative do-nothing budget fails to meet the needs of Canadian families

Instead of taking action now to create good middle class jobs and help Canadians who are struggling to make ends meet, Conservatives are once again putting their own interests first and delaying real help until 2015, when it serves their political ends best.

“Budgets are about priorities and choices. It’s very telling that the Conservatives would rather attack public servants, environmental groups, unions and anyone who dares criticize their short-sighted policies, than help Canadians,” said the Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair.

Conservatives failed to act on the NDP’s practical, low-cost solutions – including reining in credit card rates; capping ATM fees; restoring the ecoEnergy Retrofit program; and providing job creation tax credits for youth and small businesses.

“Hundreds of thousands more Canadians are unemployed today than before the recession and are looking to their government for action. This budget is another Conservative disappointment,” added the NDP Finance Critic, Peggy Nash. “Canadians deserve better.”