April 9th, 2014

Claim vs Reality – Aglukkaq’s Revisionist History

Claim: “When 9/11 occurred in Nunavut I was in the cabinet at the time.” -Leona Aglukkaq, APTN April 8, 2014

Fact: Leona Aglukkaq was first elected to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly in 2004.

Claim: “We purchased cameras for every community, so that people travelling on the aircraft had an identification card.” -Leona Aglukkaq, APTN April 8, 2014

Fact: First, she wasn’t elected at the time.

Second, according to David Joanasie, the MLA for South Baffin, his constituents have been warning that the system isn’t working. In fact, Mr. Joanasie’s constituents have to fly into Iqaluit for passport photos….the very services Aglukkaq claims she already brought to remote hamlets.

Conservatives have resorted to trying to reinvent history and launch verbal muggings of anyone who disagrees with them, hoping no one notices how their unfair changes to the Elections Act could disenfranchise thousands of Northerners.

Canadians deserve better.